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AGS – Atlas Zen, Ltd. is a Management Consulting, Project Management & Asset Management Firm, with Frontier Markets specialization. With over two decades of experience and well established and vetted partnerships, we are your trusted partner into Frontier Markets. From USA to Sub-Sahara Africa, AGS-AZ provides clients with a trusted and competent partner to complete international transactions from financial, non-financial, investments, to procurement & logistics within and outside the Sub-Sahara African region. We take pride in our specialized approach in minimizing the risks to corporations & Individuals conducting transactions within Frontier Markets and the rest of the world.
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We provide business intelligence for companies and industries in emerging economies. AGS-Atlas Zen helps you gain timely and valuable insight to determine whether or not your venture will succeed or fail.

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Insight into your business/project

Our team of internationally acclaimed expert accountants will get to know your business, venture or NGO intimately through your financial data and interviews with key stakeholders. Our product will empower your team with insight to make investment decisions, gain funding, expand, forecast, and implement other adjustments critical to ongoing operations.

Our Strategy

  • Get to know your stakeholders to ascertain what works for you.
  • Review your business transactions.
  • Categorize your data within one of the most reputable accounting systems.
  • Review and analyze your data.
  • Provide you with raw data via reports and analysis and provide recommendations to help you reach your objectives.
  • Be accessible to you for further address your needs and concerns.

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Keys for implementation

  • Help you develop your strategy.
  • Knowing your numbers, and having the tools to tell your story empowers your entire team to make healthy, profitable decisions.
  • Hire professionals to help you in the areas where you struggle or simply don’t have time and resources to manage.

Your outcomes

  • Staff performance
  • Contract / project bidding from deep insights
  • Inventory monitoring
  • Loss mitigation
  • Cost savings
  • New venture analysis
  • Seasonal adjustments
  • and so much more


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